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How much life insurance do you need? Let us help you protect those you love

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Save money on your auto insurance. Get the right insurance coverage for your car at the right price.

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Can you increase coverage and save money at the same time? Too good to be true? Let us show you how.

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GYKAM is the first company to offer life, auto and homeowners insurance through referral marketing.

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Quality. When it comes to insurance, quality means how claims are handled.

We call it the moment of truth. Does the company stand up to the image they portray or do the facts paint a different picture? We cut through the billions spent by insurance companies on advertising that tries to convince you about “quality.” We let the numbers speak for themselves.

We provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Savings. Want to save money on your insurance? The way to save is by shopping.

Yes, shopping. We know it’s not easy shopping for insurance. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and a real hassle to repeat the same information to multiple companies.

At GYKAM, we do the shopping for you. Because we represent multiple companies, getting the lowest price is simply a matter of knowing what discounts apply and what company best matches your needs.

We’re experts at saving you money and getting you every discount possible.

Convienence. Buying insurance and making changes to your policy should be easy.

Ever notice the easy way isn’t always so easy? Many companies sell you on the idea that buying and managing your policy yourself is easy. Truth be told, this self-serve model benefits the company and agents, not the customer. 24/7 support, online policy management and call center backup are great tools, but only when they support, not replace, the agent.

At GYKAM, every customer has a personal agent. No do-it-yourself handoff, no call transferring to a service assistant, and no hanging on the line at the end of the call to listen to the latest greatest product pitch.

We make it easy for you... by combining technology with personal service.

Choice. Our goal is to provide greater choice for people.

All insurance companies have their own niche and their own preferred customer profile. Is any one company right for all your needs? If you only need auto insurance or auto and home insurance, maybe. But what if you also have rental property, a motorcycle or boat? Or perhaps all three? Then you probably want to look at several insurance companies to make sure you’re getting the best price and the right coverage.

We offer a single-source solution and help place your insurance with multiple companies.

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Face Amount

Should a breadwinner die, the financial impact for dependents is the loss of the breadwinner's income. The following will calculate the money needed for a replacement income.


Assuming 3% inflation and 6% earnings it requires $617,409 to provide an annual indexed income of $40,000.

In the first year, $40,000 of income would be taken from the $617,409 of initial capital. The $577,409 of capital left to invest would earn $34,645 providing $612,054 of initial capital for the second year. In the second year, $41,200 of income would be taken as income leaving $570,854 to be invested.

$41,200 in the 2nd year has the same purchasing power as $40,000 in the 1st year (3% inflation).

In the following schedule each year's income is indexed to keep pace with inflation. After 20 years there is just enough left for the final year's income.

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